Cost Data Collection – Part 1 of 4



With the passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 (BBA), the ambulance industry has entered the next phase of what will eventually dictate where our reimbursement system goes. The BBA of 2018 contained certain provisions regarding a mandatory ambulance cost data collection system to begin January of 2020.

The American Ambulance Association has been preparing for this eventual requirement for over five years. The AAA hired an outside consulting group, The Moran Company, to survey the industry to obtain information on how easy the ambulance industry could report certain revenue and cost elements. AAA members can review the findings from this study by following this link.

There are two immediate areas that every ambulance company should assess within their organization as we prepare for cost data collection.

Every ambulance service should begin to understand their corporate and financial structure. This would include if your organization looks at things on a cash basis versus accrual. Staffing, capital expenditures, volunteer labor and many other elements will need to be explored.

Identify one lead individual to lead this cost data collection effort at your organization. They will need to become a subject matter expert and represent your organization. There will be many webinars and workshops over the next year as the cost data collection tools are developed and implemented.

As we begin to anticipate these changes, the AAA has scheduled a must attend pre-conference workshop regarding the new data collection system coming and what to prepare for at their annual conference in Las Vegas this week. Registration is still open.

Solutions Group will be sponsoring a pre-conference session for senior leadership on Friday, September 7th, at 8am in Room 109-110. I encourage you to get involved.

In order to ensure that the data collected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is accurate and reliable, it will take the commitment from the ambulance community to ensure we get this data collection process right. Our future depends upon it.

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